Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kingfisher Flying with Linux

KingFisher Airlines, Indias most colorful and luxurious domestic airlines provides Entertainment system which are based on Linux.
It so happened that I was travelling from Hyderabad to Bangalore in KingFisher flight. 5 min before the take off , all the entertainment units got restarted. I was totally amazed when I saw a Linux boot sequence getting displayed on the screens. It was an embedded Linux ( a scale down and customized Linux especially for the Embedded Systems). After the booting was over the X window console came and then suddenly the moving map. The entire thing was very exciting. I wanted to share this information at that time itself. I sent SMSes to my friend who is a Linux Junnkie. I wanted to send this information to everybody who can get excited like me. For the first time I realized the use of microblogs like twitter. Had I got a twitter account on mobile I could have immediately posted the information on my twitter widget on the Blog. So the flight seem to be providing me lot of insights....
For all the Linux junkies KingFisher is a nice example of proving the use of it in the commercial systems.

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