Saturday, August 2, 2008

Easiest way to crack an Interview

Cracking an interview is what most of the people look forward. People generally prepare a lot for an interview in terms of their technical stuff, personal questions etc. All this is fine but I think even the interviewer is aware of all these preparations the candidate usually do, so he might not be very impressed if you answer him in the artificially imposed sophisticated looks and manners. The interviewer has 1 min to judge you and you have to take the lead in that 1 min. I have recently given 4-5 interviews (just for fun) and in all those interviews I found that no body is actually interested in looking at you "artificial manners". They will be more than happy if you remain what you actually are. So here is the trick and this is applicable for both freshers and the experienced people.
Just to put it in simple sentences
1. Prepare slides or some visual depiction of the work you have done so far.
2. Ask the interviewer permission to show your stuff.
3. In all probability he will say yes
4. Using your slides/ graphs give an overview of the work
5. Be very casual while describing. The words should be just oozing out of the mouth.
6. You should look proud and confident of what you have done. Think as if you are selling your work to a customer
7. You should tell what impact you work has put in the current company (if you are switching the job) or if you are fresher than how your work has been judged by the college
8. All this has a great effect on the interviewer.
  • He thinks that you are confident about what you have done--so you are not telling a lie.
  • He thinks that you are sound in the area that you are looking for.
  • He understands that you can express yourself---a very important quality
  • He understands that you can sell your case ---If you cannot market a thing then what is the use to produce it?
  • He thinks that you are professional-- slides, graphs, if permitted a prototype
9. If you have impressed the interviewer by your presentation, then it really don't leave any space for rejection, since Interviewer gets answers to all the potential questions.

In Short

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