Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fun with number: Save fuel save dollars

These days we are talking about depleting dollar reserves in the country. One of the major cost to the country is the import of the petrol/diesel
I was just trying to understand the savings that it can have if people stop using their vehicles for going to work specially in the A-tier cities like Bangalore
Bellandur + sarjapura road locality is a home to almost 50000 IT professional . Out of these 50000 we can roughly assume that 40000 use their vehicles  to go to office.
Out of this 40000 atleast 15000 are people using cars and 25000 2 wheelers
Just estimating the fuel cost for the 15000 cars (Diesel and Petrol price diff is around 20 Rs . I will take an average of both the prices say 65 Rs which is equal to 1$)
Now on an average the car give 10 km/l
And the average distance to office is about 10km
So each car is burning 2 liter of fuel every day which is 30000 liters which  costs 30000$
Now for the 2 wheelers
The average is about 35 km/l. and all the 2 wheelers are petrol based
So for 20Km (average to and fro distance to office) the consumption is 20/35 liter
The cost per day is 20/35 * 1.3 (petrol is 80 Rs which is around 1.3 $)
So the cost is 25000*20/35*1.3=18600$
So on an average the total fuel burnt is worth $50000 ($30000+$18600) !!!
This is just one of the many localities in bangalore.  We can safely assume that there are atleast 6 such localities (Koramangala, airport road, BTM, Banashankari, Malleshwaram, Hebbal).
If you do an estimate it is ($50000* 6) $300000 worth of fuel that we are burning everyday.

I think we can save the country by travelling by public bus atleast for a day.

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