Saturday, October 15, 2011

Launched a new site for Bangalore Volvo Route planning

I have created a web application ( )that helps user to find the BMTC volvo bus routes between places in Bangalore.

You might have come across some of the sites which provides the same functionality but I have tried to add some new features that are missing in the existing sites.

1. It allows the user to enter free text to search for an address. It takes care of common spelling mistakes like instead of typing Marathahalli user typed Maratahalli

2. Some places are more commonly called by their old names. For e.g. Majestic, the application takes care of such scenarios. Most of the addresses in bangalore are already listed so the user will get the suggestions about then once he starts typing the search string, but in case it is not listed the user can still enter the address and the application will try to find the route for it too. No similar application has got this capability.

3. Most of the similar applications searches only for the direct bus routes i.e. both source and destination should be covered by the same bus which is a serious restriction given possibility of indirect routes is very high. is the first application that can search for the indirect routes with high degree of precision.

4. Provides a very intuitive UI. Since the application is targeted to both technical and non-technical users, the simplified UI is key requirement.

5. The application can be accessed from multiple channels : Website, Mobile app, SMS based interactions. (Currently it is available only through webbased interface but I will cover others soon)

I have focussed more on the functionality, so could not get time to make it jazzy as per todays standards but then it is VERSION 1

Currently the buses are restricted to BMTC Volvos, Big Circle and Airport Volvos, but based on the demand I can extend it to non-volvo buses too.
I have tested the site for firefox and chrome...I did not test much for IE

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