Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Big Bang Theory" and the technology

"Big Bang Theory" and the technology
The popular sitcom "Big Bang Theory" has become a means to promote the new technologies by making their characters talk about them. Some of the stuff that has been talked openly on the show is :
  1. Google Earth
  2. Google Street View
  3. Gmail
  4. Java applets
  5. Twitter
  6. Facebook
  7. Second Life
  8. MySpace
  9. Tivo
  10. iPod
  11. blog
  12. yelp
  13. iPhone
  14. twitter
  15. Mobile apps
  16. Android
  17. Kinect
  18. Siri
There has been an instance of the latest movie flick "Slumdog Millionaire" being discussed.
Feel free to add to the list if you find any thing that I am missing out

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