Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Password validator in flex 3

create a validator PwdValidator.as

package valueObjects

import mx.validators.ValidationResult;
import mx.validators.Validator;

public class PwdValidator extends Validator {

// Define Array for the return value of doValidation().
private var results:Array;
// this will help in getting the status
public static var VALID:Boolean = true;

// Constructor.
public function PwdValidator() {
// Call base class constructor.


// Define the doValidation() method.
override protected function doValidation(value:Object):Array {
//var pwd: Password = value as Password;
var p1: String = value.first;
var p2: String = value.second;

results = [];
results = super.doValidation(value);

if(p1 == p2)
return results;
results.push(new ValidationResult(true, null, "Mismatch",
"Password Dosen't match Retype!"));
return results;


Now the flex code should be passing the value of the password and confirm password textbox. This is done as

<mx:Model id ="pass">



// this is the way to pass the multiple controls input to the validator.
<val:PwdValidator id="custPass" source="{pass}" property="passwords" listener="{txtPassword}"/>

<mx:Form labelWidth="110">

<mx:FormItem required="true" label="Password">
<mx:TextInput id="txtPassword" displayAsPassword="true" />
<mx:FormItem required="true" label="Confirm Password">
<mx:TextInput id="txtConfirmPassword" displayAsPassword="true" change="custPass.validate()"/>


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